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Since a young girl, growing up in the Bronx, gardening was one past-time that always interested me. My Dad introduced me to gardening early and my job was to weed, water and take care of perennial flower beds in our garden. Reaching adulthood with all that goes with it – marriage, home ownership, children, my first home was cited on property that was truly a blank canvass. The house was in a new sub-division in the suburbs of New York City. There were no trees nor shrubs that delineated properties. With the exception of a beautiful western view of a river, there was not a green living plant, shrub or tree. After 30+ years of gardening at my house and i the homes of several family members, it was time to delve deeper into the world of gardening. Why did some plants not survive? What plants to select for a particular location, and so many more questions. Thus, I enrolled in a gardening program. I am certified in gardening by The New York Botanical Gardens, and have been designing containers for friends and family members for several years. Container gardening fascinates me. Container gardens serve many functions; it can be like a beautiful floral centerpiece adding a pop of color to a terrace or front entrance. It can be a source of herbs and vegetables or it can lend interest in a perennial or annual flower bed. Please look at the portfolio to get an idea of the many varieties of combinations that can be used in a container

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